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Kodiak Island, Alaska Bear Viewing Tours

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The Spirit of Alaska bear camp is surrounded by the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, home to over 3,000 Kodiak Bears, making our area one of the best for bear watching on Kodiak Island, as well as the world. However, these aren’t your average brown bears. Kodiak Bears, only found on Kodiak Island, are one of the largest bears in the world.

Three Different Ways to Observe Kodiak Bears
⊙ Hiking by Land
⊙ Kayaking by Sea
⊙ 22’ Landing Craft

We give our visitors three different ways to watch Kodiak Bears in their natural habitat. Each of these is done with a low impact philosophy, where we strive to limit the impact we have on their natural habitat. We do this out of respect for the bears, and to do our part in ensuring that these animals continue to live on.


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The Best Time for Viewing Bears on Kodiak Island